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After graduating in Italy in 2007 as alian Technical Designer and Quantity Surveyor, Pablo Albarello immediately started his career as a technical project manager and CAD designer which sparked an innate sense of creativity and a passion for capturing and enhancing space.

In 2013, with almost ten years in the design industry, he moved to Cape Town, South Africa and began his career in illumination and photography.


​After attending the School of Photography and several workshops, he finally entered a world of imagery and vision, undertaking personal projects, taking on commissions and entering local and international competitions. Pablo then completed a design course at the BHC School of Design which gave him the foundation to experiment with colour, spatial concept and the aesthetic needs of his clients. He went on to work on various freelance projects.


To further qualify as a Lighting Designer, he studied Illumination Engineering at the BHA School of Lighting. Here he effectively learnt to balance and combine the technical with the aesthetic to create and design the perfect illumination for any given space.


He later became a member of IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) to stay at the forefront of the lighting industry, its innovations and developments.


After years of designing lighting schemes for various spaces, he then founded PA LIGHTING DESIGN Pty ltd in 2020 and now works on projects throughout Africa and Europe.


Projects include: Art Galleries and Exhibitions, Commercial and Retail Spaces, Developments and Hospitality, Exterior Facades and Landscape, High End Residential.

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