PA Lighting Design is an international lighting design consultancy firm based in Cape Town and operating throughout Africa and Europe. It is a young dynamic studio founded in 2020 by Pablo Albarello with the vision of undertaking unique lighting challenges and delivering innovation and creativity for any kind of space.

​​​Projects include the design of exclusive, quality lighting solutions for art exhibitions, museums, commercial spaces, retail shops, hospitality venues, residential locations, landscapes and exterior spaces.

​The primary focus is designing and delivering tailor-made lighting schemes that transform, modify and enhance your space - both indoor and outdoor, creating your vision.






  • Consultation

  • Procurement Assistance

  • Artificial Light Simulation

  • Light Level Calculation

  • Concept Design

  • Technical Design

  • Construction Assistance

  • Fine Tuning


  • Preparation and Brief

  • Concept Design

  • Design Development

  • Technical Design

  • Procurement Assistance

  • Construction Assistance

  • Fine Tuning


  • Art Galleries and Exhibitions

  • Commercial and Retail Spaces

  • Exterior Landscape and Facades

  • High-End Residential and Hospitality

Creating Art Through Lighting Design

PA Lighting logo

ZA     +27 71 478 0297

IT     +39 349 647 6530


Cape Town - South Africa


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